Project Management Team

Heleen Riper

Prof. dr. Heleen Riper

Principal Investigaror, Coordinator, chair PMT

Jan Smit

Prof. dr. Jan Smit

Deputy Coordinator

Mr. Christiaan Vis, MA

Project Manager

Project Management Structure

For E-COMPARED, a three layered management structure is employed:

  • A General Assembly that advises and reviews the project progress and results. The GA is the main decision making body in E-COMPARED and consists of one representative of each project partner.

  • The Executive Committee is responsible for overall monitoring of the scientific and financial progress of the project activities towards the main objectives of the project. All Work Package leaders take seat in this committee and report to the General Assembly.

  • The Project Management Team is responsible for day-to-day management of E-COMPARED. Tasks range from liaison with the European Commission and with other projects and networks, to financial, legal and administrative support to the consortium.