17 Feb 2016

New Directions in Internet-based Treatments for Mental Disorders

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The field of internet interventions is a fast growing field. We try to briefly summarize the state-of-the-art in the field and describe new directions, in which the E-COMPARED project plays an important role. What kind of Internet treatments exist? Research on Internet-based treatments has grown rapidly over the recent years and evidence is growing [...]

01 Feb 2016

What do the patients think of blended treatment? Preliminary results from the UK

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The E-COMPARED team in the UK carried out focus groups with former service-users to explore perceptions and experiences of using Moodbuster in addition to face-to-face therapy. Thirteen people who have experienced Depression and/or Anxiety in the past were recruited to form a service-user advisory group. Previous to the focus groups, advisory members were briefed [...]

11 Jan 2016


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No System, No Trial In E-COMPARED, technology is key. Part of the therapeutic sessions of the blended treatment are delivered online. To test the clinical effects of this approach across the EU, web-based treatment delivery system had to be in place at each of the eight trial sites. This was critical. No systems, no [...]

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