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Newsletter 3

  • News of E-COMPARED
  • Meet the project management team of E-COMPARED
  • Can Internet reduce the economic burden resulting from depression?
  • New E-COMPARED video blog
  • Publications

Newsletter 2

  • News of E-COMPARED
  • Insights and experiences with blended treatment
  • German therapists and their experiences with Moodbuster
  • Dutch therapist and their experiences with Moodbuster
  • The E-COMPARED study in Poland
  • The Future of E-mental health: Can AI learn how I will feel tomorrow

Newsletter 1

  • E-COMPARED in a nutshell
  • News of E-COMPARED
  • New directions in Internet-based treatments for mental disorders
  • “Blended Treatment”?
  • The “E” of E-COMPARED
  • Current state of treatment as usual of adult depression treatment in Europe: First results
  • First impressions of the “E” from patients: Results from the UK