logo-uveg-inverseUniversitat de València

  • Short name: UVEG
  • Country of origin: Spain
  • Principal scientific contact person: Prof. dr. Rosa María Baños

The “Estudi General de València” was founded in 1499, and today is one of the most outstanding Spanish universities in both national and international rankings. UVEG has over 3000 researchers, 92 departments and 20 institutes and other research units. Prof. dr. Rosa Baños leads a research team (Labpsitec-UV team; www.labpsitec.es) that is an international reference on the research of ICT applications in clinical and health psychology.The team is pioneer worldwide in using ICT solutions for improving health and wellbeing, such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), internet, and mobile devices. They have developed several technological applications that have shown innovation and progress in the field of clinical and health psychology, having a significant socio-economic impact.


  • UVEG will participate in WP1, assessing current mental health policies and guidelines in Spain;
  • in WP4, identifying clusters of depressive individuals for whom internet-based treatment is most effective;
  • and in WP5, collaborating in the guidelines and recommendations for different stakeholders.
  • UVEG will also collaborate in dissemination and implementation (WP6) tasks.

Key Personnel Involved

Prof. dr R. M. Baños, PhD (F) has been Full Professor of Psychopathology at the UVEG since 2007. She has participated in more than 55 research projects and published over 130 papers. Currently she is the scientific manager of the Psychology section in the National Plan of Research Projects in Spain. She is the director of the Master in Multidisciplinary Intervention in Eating Disorders, Personality Disorders and Emotional Disorders at the University of Valencia. Her research interests include psychopathology, the treatment of psychological disorders, and the application of ICT to psychology.
Dr. E. Etchmendy, PhD (F) has been a senior researcher at Labpsitec (interuniversity research lab (www.labpsitec.es) integrated by University of Valencia and University Jaume I) since 2011, and has been working on positive emotions, lifestyles, and the ICTs applied to the health field.