UJIcolorUniversitat Jaume I De Castellon

  • Short name: UJI
  • Country of origin: Spain
  • Principal scientific contact person: Prof. dr. Cristina Botella

Universitat Jaume I is one out of the four publicly funded universities in the Valencia Community. It offers 26 degrees and has 13,000 students. UJI is a pioneer in the use of ICT and was the first academic institution in Spain to become part of the World Wide Web (WWW) and develop a browser to search the internet. This browser has become one of the most commonly used in Spain. Within UJI, Labpsitec (www.labpsitec.es) is one of the excellence groups with wide expertise in clinical and health psychology. The team is a pioneer worldwide in the use of ICT solutions such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and using the internet for improving health and wellbeing. The team is expert in clinical psychology as well as in ICT and HCI, (clinical and technical specifications, ergonomics, usability evaluations with and without low-fidelity and high-fidelity prototype users, clinical validations, etc.). Labpsitec has been involved in several European projects focused on developing and testing ICT solutions for health: telemedicine and portable virtual environments for clinical psychology (VEPSY-UPDATED) FP5-IST; engaging media for mental health applications (EMMA) FP5; Psychologically Augmented Social Interaction Over Networks – (PASION) FP6-IST; and Online Predictive Tools for Intervention in Mental Illness (OPTIMI) FP7- IST.


  • We will lead WP5, focused on the synthesis of the results for providing EU recommendations.
  • Furthermore, we will partake in WP1, conduct a pragmatic clinical trial in WP2 and conduct dissemination activities in WP6.

Key Personnel Involved

Prof. dr. C. Botella, PhD (F) has been full professor of Clinical Psychology at UJI (Spain) since 1992. She is director of Labpsitec, and her main line of research is the design and testing of ICT based applications for the treatment of emotional disorders. She has been principal investigator in more than 30 research projects, has published over 100 scientific papers as well as 20 books. She is the director of the Emotional Disorders Clinic at Jaume I University, and also director of the Master in Psychopathology, Health and Neuropsychology at UJI.
Dr. A. García-Palacios, PhD (F) has been a lecturer at UJI since 2002. Her main research focus is the psychopathology of psychological disorders and the use of ICT to improve psychological treatments.
Dr. S. Quero, PhD (F) has been a lecturer at UJI since 2004. Her main research is the adaptation and validation of CBT programs for different emotional disorders and the application of ICT to improve psychological treatment.
Dr. J.M. Bretón, PhD (F) has been a senior researcher at UJI since 2008, and has been working for several years in ICT based applications for improving health.
Dr. R. Herrero, PhD (F) has been a senior researcher at UJI since 2013, and has been working on quality of life and e-health, specifically focused on chronic pain (fibromyalgia), positive emotions, and well-being.