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  • Short name: UBERN
  • Country of origin: Switzerland
  • Principal scientific contact person: Prof. dr. Thomas Berger

The University of Bern has over 15,400 students, 8 faculties, some 160 institutes and 8 graduate schools. A wide range of European and worldwide research projects reflect the high quality of research.

Our research group, specialised in the development and evaluation of internet-based treatments, is granted by a Swiss National Science Foundation professorship. Prof. dr. Thomas Berger is the leader of this group, which has conducted several studies on internet-based treatments for anxiety disorders, depression, and other psychological problems. We collaborate closely with the Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy


  • We lead the development and provision of dissemination and training materials, online support systems for clinicians, and other delivery agents in WP6.
  • We will conduct a pragmatic randomised controlled trial in routine specialised mental health services in Switzerland for WP2.
  • Furthermore, we will partake in synthesising the research findings in WP5.

Key Personnel Involved

Prof. dr. T. Berger, PhD (M) leads the research group investigating internet-based treatments. His research mainly focuses on internet-based treatments for anxiety disorders and depression. He is also involved in research on working mechanisms in psychotherapy, the therapeutic alliance, case conceptualisations in psychotherapy, and the training of psychotherapists.
Prof. dr. F. Caspar, PhD (M) is head of the department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy. He is the former president of the Society for Psychotherapy Research (SPR), president of the International Federation for Psychotherapy (IFP) and member of the research council, the Swiss National Science Foundation. He has received several awards and grants, published more than 100 scientific papers, book chapters, and several books in the field of psychotherapy research.
Dr. T. Krieger, PhD (M) is a postdoc research assistant at the university of Bern. His main research interests are psychotherapy process and outcome research, vulnerability for depression, and personality assessment. Besides, he works as a therapist in an outpatient clinic in Bern.
Antoine Urech, BSc (M) is going to write his PhD-thesis in the E-COMPARED project. He just finished his Master thesis at the University of Bern in the field of attention bias modification training in virtual environments.