For E-COMPARED, eight pragmatic Randomised Controlled Trials on the treatment of depression will be conducted in different countries and different care settings. Four trails will be conducted in primary health care in the United Kingdom, Poland, Spain and Germany. In Switzerland, Sweden, France and The Netherlands, the trials will be organised in specialised health services.


Each trial will consist of a blended treatment condition and a treatment-as-usual (TAU) condition. Blended treatment entails a combination of internet and mobile-based, and face-to-face interventions. For the blended intervention, an internet-based platform will be employed of similar Cognitive Behavioural Treatment (CBT) and monitoring components as in treatment-as-usual.


The central assumption that will be tested is that both forms of treatment will lead to similar clinical improvements in patients (non-inferior), but that the blended form can be offered at significantly lower costs.

Technology platforms

Besides the internet-based therapy, the ICT platforms will contain:

  1. a mobile phone component, presenting CBT therapies to the patient and enabling daily monitoring of the state of the patient;
  2. an intelligent reasoning system that provides automated tailored feedback to patients and professionals on the basis of patient progress.
  3. the ability to collect data through Ecological Momentary Assessment

Existing internet-based treatment platforms will be adapted to the specific needs of the participating countries and the trial requirements. The following platforms will be used:


Developed and evaluated in the FP7 project, ICT4Depression will be used by The Netherlands, France, Poland, Germany and the UK. Sweden will use an adapted version of this platform.

Smiling is Fun

This platform is developed and evaluated in the FP7 project OPTIMI, and will be used by Spain.


Is developed by GAIA and will be used by Switzerland.