E-COMPARED’s activities are structured in seven highly interactive Work Packages (WP’s). In each WP, partners closely collaborate to attain specific objectives that require and deliver results to other activities within the project.

Work Package and their Work Package Leaders

In achieving E-COMPARED’s challenges, renowned experts from different disciplines closely collaborate. Each Work Package is led by highly experienced and renowned experts on their respective fields.

Work PackageNameAffiliation
1Adult depression treatment in primary healthcare and routine specialised mental healthcare servicesProf. dr. Gerhard AnderssonProfessor of Clinical Psychology at Linköping University in the Department of Behavioural Sciences and Learning
2Comparing the clinical and cost-effectiveness of internet- based treatment and treatment as usualProf. dr. Pim CuijpersProfessor of Clinical Psychology and head of the department of Clinical Psychology at the VU-VUmc
3Economic Modelling StudiesProf. dr. Karine ChevreulHead of ERASM (applied research team in mental health), deputy head of URC Eco and researcher in the Public health dept. of the Henri Mondor teaching Hospital
4Personalised Depression Treatment ModellingProf. dr. Burkhardt FunkProfessor for information systems research and vice president for Information Technology at Leuphana University Lüneburg
5Synthesis of results, EU recommendations and business case developmentProf. dr. Cristina BotellaProfessor of Clinical Psychology at UJI (Spain) and director of Labpsitec
6DisseminationProf. dr. Thomas BergerProfessorship of the Swiss National Science Foundation on internet-based treatments / eMental health, Institute of Psychology, Bern
7Project ManagementProf. dr. Heleen RiperProfessor of eMental health, working at the department of Clinical Psychology of the VU University Amsterdam and the University of Leuphana in Luneburg, Germany.
Prof. dr. Jan SmitResearch chair “Methodology of Longitudinal Psychiatric Research” and managing director of research and innovation at GGZ InGeest, The Netherlands
Mr. Christiaan Vis, MA.Expert in European Funding, project manager and Ph.D. candidate at the department of Clinical Psychology at the VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands