WP 1 Assessing the Current State of the Art of Adult Depression Treatment in Routine Primary and Specialised Mental Healthcare Services

WP leader: Prof. dr. Gerhard Andersson, LIU
Affiliation: Professor of Clinical Psychology at Linköping University in the Department of Behavioural Sciences and Learning


Across Europe, the treatment of depression (with or without chronicity) can be improved in terms of accessibility, clinical and cost-effectiveness. Blending face-to-face treatment with web-based treatment components is a potential method to achieve this, which needs to be investigated.

In WP1 the current state of depression treatment policies, practices, and clinical guidelines for the treatment of depression in routine primary and specialised healthcare settings will be assessed across a subset of eight European countries, and the clinical and cost-effectiveness of web-based and blended treatments for depression will be evaluated and compared to standard face-to-face treatments as currently delivered in usual healthcare settings across these countries.

Specific Objectives

  • To consult and discuss the current state of the art of depression treatment with national and European stakeholders, including representatives of patient organisations for depression
  • To assess patients’ needs and preferences for internet-based treatments for depression
  • To present and consult on the objectives of E-COMPARED with these stakeholders
  • To explore what is known about current advantages, disadvantages and harm on internet-based treatments compared to TAU and how these may be overcome
  • To investigate the reasons for participating countries to invest in blended internet-based treatments for depression in primary and specialised mental healthcare services formats from the perspective of relevant stakeholders

To explore the future plans on internet-based treatments across a number of European networks such as the FP7 ROAMER project and the European Alliance Against Depression.