WP 5 Synthesis of Results and EU Recommendations

WP leader: UJI


The main objective of this WP is to formulate a series of evidence-based recommendations and policy guidelines for relevant stakeholders (policymakers, clinicians, patients, health insurance companies, and software developers) on how internet-based treatments for depression can be implemented cost-effectively into routine primary healthcare and specialised mental healthcare services for adults.

Specific Objectives

  • To synthesize current evidence about depression and treatment impact (WP1), new evidence emerging from the pragmatic clinical trials (WP2), and results of the studies on cost effectiveness, individual patient modelling and simulation (WP3 and 4)
  • To translate the results of E-COMPARED into the needs of the relevant stakeholders (WP1) and subsequently to provide recommendations and policy guidelines on how internet-based treatments for depression in routine clinical primary and specialised healthcare can be implemented in a cost effective way. These health policy and clinical recommendations will help to optimise the use of limited resources and to make sound clinical and policy decision-making concerning depression treatments
  • To develop a business case for the implementation of eMental healthcare within Europe